domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Sounds of the City Experience: Sounds of the City Experience (1976)

Sounds of the City Experience is a group even rarer than the Jackson Sisters. They released this excellent - and super obscure - funk soul album pressed in 1976 on the famous tax scam label Tiger Lily, featuring a whole lot of gems, including some blaxsploitation instrumental grooves like 'Getting Down'. Reissue is long overdue.
Side 1
1. Getting Down
2. Through No Fault of Our Own
3. It's So Wonderful Baby/Gina
4. Come on and Stay with Me
5. Stuff N' Thing

Side 2
1. Keep on Keepin' On
2. Babylon
3. Reality
4. Judgement Day
5. My People
Sounds of the City Experience: Keep On Keepin' On

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  2. first rate LP , thank you nosi!

  3. Hi I just thought I would offer words of appreciation and encouragement in a week where 3 of my favourite sites have closed TOMORROWS VELVET DREAMZ,THE KEEPER OF LOST DREAMZ and of course Classic and Rare Soul Sisters 50s - 70s.

    THANK YOU for your selfless hard work and a message to all your followers to appreciate your work and make the most of it before the 'haters' try to close YOU down too.

    PS Thanks also for adding links to my blogs Soul-Strutter and Modern Soul on your previous site. Feel free to add links to Soulful Divas.

  4. Thanks for this, plus I echo soul-strutter`s comments. I`ve been thinking that it must be very difficult after awhile finding albums to postand if I could help.Is your want list up to date?I have some of them and can point you to some as downloads.Peace and love,Bill

  5. Very nice of you, Bill. On the right of this page you find a button which will redirect you to my updated wishlist. Thanks a lot!!

  6. Thanks u for an unknown album with links alive and that I can get.I've been incommunicado from blogspot for about 3 years so a lot of catching up to do :)