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Chris Clark: The Motown Collection (2005)

Chris Clark is one of a small number of white performers who recorded for the Motown imprint during the ‘60s. The United States' answer to Dusty Springfield, Clark is still acknowledged by Northern Soul fans for songs such as 1965's 'Do Right Baby, Do Right' and 1966's ‘Love's Gone Bad’. Another of her notable songs was the 1967 single ‘I Want to Go Back There Again’, also recorded by British singer Truly Smith. In 1967, Clark released an album called Soul Sounds on the Motown label. The LP featured twelve songs including a rare Motown ballad called ‘If You Should Walk Away’, which was slated for release as a single, but never was. Clark recorded one more album for Motown on its newly created rock label Weed called C.C. Rides Again (1969), but the album failed commercially because it was not properly promoted. This compilation offers a huge amount of Clark’s work for Motown: the complete contents of her two albums, plus non-LP singles, and a full bonus CD that includes 25 previously unissued tunes. Strangely enough, these unreleased recordings are much stronger than those on her albums, although from a commercial point of view were far removed from the pop orientated hits of 66-67. Opening with a version of ‘Ask Any Girl’, the song soon settles into an uptempo northern groove that will please the dancers, and it's followed by ‘Everything Is Good About You’, a true piece of Motown history. Chris' attempt at Kim Weston's ‘Take Me in Your Arms’ has the same feel as the Isley Brothers arrangement and her rendition of ‘Do Like I Do’ delivers a vocal version to equal Kim's. One song that stands out is her interpretation of Presley's hit single ‘Cryin' In The Chapel’ that just oozes class and has backing vocals to kill for. Other noteable tunes that will appeal to the dancefloor include ‘He's Good for Me’, ‘Bad Seed’ and ‘Something's Wrong’, on which Chris is amongst the best. This release is cause indeed to celebrate for a lady whose works have long been sought after by '60s soul fans. http://sixtiesmotown.co.uk/, http://en.wikipedia.org/
Chris Clark performing 'Fever' at the Pelican Art Gallery in 2008:

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