viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

Timi Yuro: Live at PJ's (1969) ... plus

Timi Yuro's performance at PJ's club in Los Angeles was recorded in April 1969 for an album that almost saw release in August of that same year, but was withdrawn just before issue. Five of the eight tracks that would have comprised that set did show up on the 1976 LP The Timi Yuro Album, but this reissue marks the first time the entire canceled album has been officially available. What's more, it adds three alternate takes recorded on different nights, as well as an instrumental version of 'Comin' Home Baby' by the backup band. Yuro herself said that she was not unhappy with the LP's failure to hit the marketplace, as she was not pleased with the recording equipment and resulting sound. Nevertheless, it's a good show, though one can hear why a perfectionist singer might have felt that it wasn't up to the optimum standards of a live recording. One cannot, certainly, fault Yuro's vocals, which are characteristically strong, beefy and inspired. The material comprising the set is not as imaginative as one might hope for, built around her two big hits, 'Hurt' and 'What's a Matter Baby,' the latter given a peppy soul arrangement. Other than that, it has covers of contemporary hits seemingly designed to cover the entire variety spectrum, from soul ('I've Been Loving You Too Long' and Stevie Wonder's 'A Place in the Sun') and country ('Make the World Go Away' and 'Stand By Your Man') to pop ('Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down),' 'Yesterday'). It's supper-club soul, complete with between-song patter and medleys on half the tracks, though it's supper-club soul of the first order.

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